Freunde o.o"


  • Basti
  • Vero
  • Ali
  • Lisa
  • Ines
  • Mary
  • Yannic
  • Maik
  • Leon
  • Oli
  • Jasmin
  • Tina
  • nur die wichtigsten o.o



FÜR VERO& BASTI <3 *___*


You were the rainbow
at the end of the storm.
You help me be different
when I shouldn't conform.

You held my hand
when you knew we would fall.
Every heartache,
you saw me through it all.

I'm not sure
I'm always the best friend to you,
I know I'm not perfect,
but this much is true.

When life gets you down,
And there's nowhere to turn,
I'll help you through and
I'll share your concern.

At the end of the tunnel,
you'll be my guiding light,
You'll lead me to heaven,
away from the night.

We'll be there together,
and we'll never grow old.
And we'll walk hand in hand
On the streets paved of gold.